Tiina  she/her

Tiina is South Pole Studios’ founder and first instructor. Her roots are in Germany, where she attended professional ballet school and studied contemporary dance and theatre. As a pole dancer she has won and placed in competitions both locally and internationally. Having trained, taught, as well as performed in South Africa and overseas, what she brings to the classroom is a vast knowledge of teaching structures and training techniques.

At South Pole Studios she teaches beginner to elite levels of pole. While her first love will always be dancing in heels – be it splitty tricks, classique pole or floorwork – you will also find her teaching aerial arts, flexibility and many more pole- and aerial orientated disciplines. When it comes to class her x-factor is a professional and disciplined approach, strongly underlined by her light and playful temperament.

Imke  they/them

Imke is South Pole Studios’ first homegrown instructor, a born teacher and performer. Having started pole – and aerial arts in 2019 at South Pole Studios, these hobbies quickly developed from passion to obsession. With their unrivalled fascination for the upside down and a unique talent for choreography creation, they are teaching most of the aerial classes on the schedule – but you might be lucky to catch them teaching the occasional pole – and flexibility class.
Always keen to evolve, Imke’s eagerness, knowledge of technique and attention to detail will ensure that you get the most out of every class.
Why become an instructor?
“I am passionate about sharing my love for dance and exploration, so I love teaching and seeing students develop their own style!”

Sara  she/her

Sara started training ballet, modern, contemporary and almost every other dance form under the sun at a young age. This no doubt paved the way to her natural affinity for pole and aerial dance. Certified as a contortion-, flexibility- and acrobatics coach, her knowledge and practice is always raising the bar in her classes. With a vast experience in dance – and pole competitions as well as a performer, she shines through choreographies she tailors for her students. While her contemporary pole dance routines are her signature, she is popular for bringing old school style into South Pole Studios’ classique pole classes.
Sara’s teaching style is calm and encouraging discipline, but there will also be a lot of laughter once you’ve tuned into her subtle humour – she loves challenging her students, helping them find their strengths and achieve their goals while having fun.

Lia  she/her

Lia’s pole journey began in 2019 as the culmination of her constant search for creative outlets. She is a fine art student who spent her formative years learning dance and attending circus training. So, finding this art-form with the perfect blend of strength, flexibility and performance, she naturally blossomed on the pole.
You can find Lia teaching Pole on South Pole Studios’ schedule, but with her love for heels you might be lucky to catch her occasionally with a sexy choreography in one of our classique classes.
What motivated you to teach?
– ” I want to teach others, so they can experience the same joy I do while dancing; after all, what is art if you can’t share it.”

Ziyaan  she/her

Ziyaan is a born dancer and movement enthusiast. A medical student by day and pole dancer by night, she is a creative force to be reckoned with. As an artist and healer her energy, open mindedness and constant encouragement draw students to her classes like moths to the light. With her eagerness to learn and experience, she took part in her first pole competition in 2023 and placed in her division. You can currently find her teaching Beginner – to High Intermediate Pole classes on South Pole Studios’ schedule.

What has pole brought to your life? “Pole has been medicine for me.”

Anja  she/her

Anja is a gifted teacher and dancer. In her class, tricky moves become easy and challenges fun, with her invaluable talent of explaining them just the right way. Focusing on you getting that next breakthrough or tackling your nemesis move is where she thrives. While she loves bendy and spinny pole moves, her strong suits are also dynamic, acrobatic pole and hard style in heels! Naturally, we love seeing her teach these skills in the higher levels, but should you see her teaching a beginner or intermediate class, we urge you not to miss it.
Shaped from a young age by rhythmic gymnastics, modern dance and water polo in high school and varsity, she is strong! Her training having progressed into pole in 2019, she quickly rose through the ranks and is now a much loved advanced pole and flexibility instructor at South Pole Studios.

Lelie  she/her

Lelie’s background lies in classical dance which she pursued from a young age – and it shows. Learning various dance styles and competing internationally with focus on choreography created a strong base for her work as a pole instructor.
Her focus are choreography and Heels, so you can find this talented dancer teaching our Classique Pole classes – and while technique and fundamentals are a huge part of Lelie’s teaching, she mostly wants her students to feel sexy, strong and reconnect with their bodies through movement!

What does Pole mean to you?
“Pole helped me heal my relationship with my body, empowered me and became an important creative outlet.”

Neo  they/she/he

Neo is a studied teacher and is now bringing their teaching experiences into the pole room. A gifted dancer, they felt intuitively drawn to dance since a very young age, finding magic and healing in movement. While they love the stage and performing in front of an audience – and the audience loves them! – sharing their passion is their driving force. Their dream is for everyone to feel the same empowerment through pole dancing and movement they have discovered for themselves. Their understanding, kind and genuine nature will make you feel so welcome to be yourself, while their professional approach to teaching you the correct techniques will help you progress on your pole dancing journey.

Quanita  she/her

Movement is Quanita’s passion. While acquiring her honours degree in Anthropology, she is an aspiring dance – and movement therapist as well as a professional dancer. Trained in various hip hop styles, she has also been exploring contemporary movements over the past few years, now excitedly merging her vast knowledge with pole!
She is an experienced dance teacher and we are just in love with her rhythm and musicality. To oscillate between feminine and masculine energy in dance is her signature, and seeing her perform is an experience not to be missed!

Join us at South Pole Studios

We welcome absolute beginners, no experience required! We offer pole dancing and aerial classes for beginners to elite students. Contact us for any questions