South Pole Studio encourages all our students to begin working on their flexibility journey from Beginner/ Intermediate levels.

The progression of your pole is partially dependent on both flexibility and strength and while we can teach you how to build your strength during classes, flexibility requires a bit more attention to detail as it is a tender and different experience for all.

Please check out our schedule for details on the different flexibility classes on offer or email us at for more info.



This level covers basic pole tricks and spins as well as dance moves around the pole to teach you the core foundations.

Intermediate 1

Expand your pole skills and learn more complex spin combinations, pole climbs and prep for your Inverts and leg hooks.

Intermediate 2

Keep on building your strong foundation with new combinations after a climb and starting to go upside down, gaining comfort in your crucifix, straddles, inside- and outside leg hooks.

High Intermediate

In this level, we’ll combine a lot of the acquired pole repertoire and perform them after climbing up the pole, learn new grips, aerial inverts and leg hooks. We start to work on beautiful tricks like butterfly, jade split and superman, and prep for your shouldermounts.

Pre-Advanced 1

In this level you want to be comfortable with your aerial inverts and leg hooks. We’ll be incorporating more strength and flexibility elements to help you perform tricks like extended butterfly, shouldermounts, superman stag and titanic, to name a few. We’ll prep for your inverted V / Ayesha and handsprings.

Pre-Advanced 2

You continue to learn some of the hardest tricks, working on the ones already learned and combining them. In this level you should start to feel comfortable on the pole and will start developing your own style. Your flexibility training will start to pay off at this point as we are working towards a lot of bendy moves, and we’ll perfect your handsprings.


You can master diverse flexibility and strength moves on the pole and combine them. You are comfortable in your shouldermounts and handsprings. We will be working on aerial shouldermounts, inverted eagle, spatchcock, twisted sister, jallegra,  just to name a few.


This level is for highly skilled dancers with a wide repertoire or competitive pole dancers of elite level.

Class Descriptions


Improve your back- and shoulder Flexibility. With focus on active stretching and muscle tone this class can perfectly complement your pole training – but you don’t need to be a pole dancer to benefit from this class. Everybody is welcome, we will offer variations for different levels. Wear comfortable clothing.


This class is 100% dedicated to all things splits. Be it your front splits, middle splits or both – we are working your active and passive range of motion for you to reach your goals on the floor as well as in the air. We are using different exercises and stretches, working on your correct muscle engagement to bend safely. Everybody is welcome to join, we’ll always offer variations according to your level.
Wear comfortable clothing.

Middle Splits

For most of us, the oh so desired middle splits require the same attention and dedication as all other flexibility moves – and that is what we will focus on in this class! Active and passive exercises to work towards those holy middle splits. Wear comfortable clothing.

Stretch & Flex

In this flexibility class we’ll improve your active and passive range of motion to reach your goals in the air as well as on the floor. The focus of this all levels, floor-based class changes every week. Wear comfortable clothing.

Heels Acro

If you would like to do impressive tricks and spins to add to your heels repertoire, this is the class for you! We’ll be working on interesting transitions to get to and off the floor, spins and twirls and jumps and kips, walkovers, forearmstands, the list goes on. They are tricky and might take some work and time, but are extremely worth it for all the whooos from the audience when performing, if not for your own achievement! No choreography will be worked on in this class, just moves and potentially short sequences. If you’re an acro lover but don’t have heels, you’re welcome to join without. Bring your knee-pads ; long pants are good for most of class, but bring your pole shorts in case. 

Heels Flow

The style of pole dancing with heels has been around for a while, but developed a lot in the last years. Wearing of heels allows for a different quality of movement – flow and accents are combined into a dance around the pole and on the floor. In this all levels heels flow class we will work on leg waves, hip- and leg circles, pirouettes, classic heels tricking and flow in a dance choreography. No pole shorts needed. You can dance in heels or in socks – however, we do recommend heels to allow proper footwork. Ask us for advice if needed. Wear knee-pads for knee protection.

Power Pole (Conditioning)

Get Pole Strong! Build your Strength on and off the Pole to make all those beautiful Tricks and Routines easier to achieve.

Static Pole

This class is dedicated to the art of static pole. We will work on classic static combos consisting of dynamic movements and tumbles, static spins and rotations. This class will build your pole skill, strength and control. You should be comfortable in your aerial inverts and outside / inside leg-hangs to work on these combos, however, variations will be offered to lower levels.


Balancing on your hands is an extremely rewarding feeling, and this class is all about that! We’ll condition your shoulders for strength and flexibility, strengthen your core which plays a huge role in your handstands, as well as prepare your hands and fingers to get used to balancing your bodyweight. You’ll get to work on forearm balances of different shapes to get used to the upside down as well as regularly practicing your handstand itself. No experience is needed, this class is open to all levels and you get to work at your own pace! Wear comfortable clothing. 

Aerial Hoop – Beginner/Intermediate

In this class we’ll be working on Aerial Hoop tricks and transitions according to your level. We’ll be spending most of the time in and underneath the hoop, perfecting our upper body and core strength to develop those effortless inverts and movements. Everybody is welcome to join! However, keep in mind that some basic strength will be beneficial to make your way up into the Lyra – this can be built up in our beginner pole and power pole / pole conditioning classes. We suggest to wear long pants and potentially add legwarmers for extra protection of your legs.

Aerial Hoop – High Intermediate/Pre-Advanced

In this class we’ll be working on Aerial Hoop tricks and transitions according to your level. We’ll not only move below, in and around the Lyra but we’ll also make our way above and at times integrate the strap into our tricks. Inverts aren’t a problem for you and the upside down has become a comfort zone. We suggest to wear long pants and potentially add legwarmers for extra protection of your legs.

Dancer’s Technique

The aim of this class is to teach you fundamental techniques that will improve your dancing off and on the pole, which will include the basic practice of lines and extensions (legs and arms), body rolls and waves, isolation of movement (chest, shoulders, hips), shoulder rolls and shoulder stands, balance, pirouettes and turns, body placement and weight distribution as well as fancy footwork. We encourage our students to learn these core skills to improve their overall experience and become the best version of themselves.

Sensual Pole

The Art of sensual dance has been a part of Pole since ages. In this all levels class soft sensual movements are taken into a choreography, and while you get to express all the feels you’ll learn dance technique as well – leg waves, body waves, leg circles, hip rolls, head rolls are essential in this style. No pole or dance experience is required – wear comfortable pants and socks. 

Contemporary Pole

Contemporary Dance draws elements from a vast variety of dance styles such as classical, jazz and types of modern dance, for example Graham and Cunningham technique, to mention a few. There are many different ways to perform contemporary dance which, though a strong technique is fundamental, allow freedom and expression in movement. In every class we will work on these techniques (such as contract-release, fall and recovery) in a new routine. The pole will be incorporated, but you don’t need any pole nor dance experience – this is an all levels class. Wear comfortable pants, be barefoot or wear socks.